Friday, November 28, 2008

Since Summer??

Been a bit busy around here since summer and the weather has been behaving well. A few pics of the progress around and about the place.

Finished the east side early October. Mostly done by myself with a little help from Rod and Daryl.

North west side done 21 Oct with the help of Michael and Gary.

Finished the front Halloween mostly by myself.

The west side finished Nov 10 with some help from Daryl and lots of help from Michael and Gary.

Finally finished the back (the whole house) on November 24th with lots of help from Daryl, Rod, Michael and Gary. A long job done with the help of friends and the "solo siders" plus cooperation of the weather.
Thanks everyone!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bunnies playing in photoshop

Here are the Three Brothers Foot in the brier patch or bramble patch. In actual fact it's a patch of all sorts of grasses growing wild along a river in Callington, Australia. Anyway i thought it looked like the sort of place where rabbits would love to play so i put them there. And there's a blue sky too. Photo Shop is great but i still have a lot to learn.
Sorry Mernie I accidentally used your blog. Ronnie.

Mud room

The bench seat above is on the west wall and holds our gloves and things. There is an old computer power supply to drive two fans to keep the air circulating to dry things out.
Below is the "coffin" so call because, well it sort of looks like a coffin. Actually the before picture of the shelf unit.
We still refer to it as the coffin, but it is mostly vet supplies for the horses.
Both sport custom paint by Me, thank you very much, I thought it looked good also. :-)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Come on Warming!

Tory (on right) working on getting her car out. (I needed the skidsteer to dig her out)

Spring in the Rockies! But a little Global Warming would be nice.
These pics are from 14 April. The big snow drift next to the Jeep is the Saturn, needed the skidsteer to dig it out.

The snow on the deck rail is from the morning before the wind started to blow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Soldier Bold! (by Ronda)

Looking out of the windows of our lovely new mud room on New Years Eve. Bit different to Glenelg pictures of the frolicking bikini babes back home. It's been 'soldier bold' here which is rhyming slang for 'cold'. Just like 'trouble and strife' for wife and 'dead 'orse' for sauce. My Dad and other aussie old timers can rattle off strings of sentences using rhyming slang and you'd have to think they were talking a foreign language. Which they sort of are. Don't forget to click on images to see them better.
This was taken before the blizzard really hit. His name is Duncan and he's a cute little bay (brown) yearling. But for most of the day he was a gray!I don't think the little guy was even aware of the harsh weather. While his buddies huddled together in the shelter he took advantage of their absence to gobble up their share of lunch!
At the height of the blizzard it was a complete white out.
Even here it was bad enough with horizontal wind and 20 below wind chill. Poor Mernie.
It's tough taking care of the critters in the harsh Wyoming winters. The horses are equipped to deal with it and do remarkably well. I really think they prefer this to flies and you wont see any of them out here right now! It takes its toll on us however. Fencing and stabling them render them dependent on us for food and water and its the latter that tips us over the edge. Even where we are set up for automatic watering it can't stand up to the extremes and is constantly breaking down and freezing. It's a full time job for Mernie just keeping the horses alive by ensuring a constant supply of water in sub zero temperatures like we are having now. Hence the Michilan Man look.Very fashionable here in Wyoming this time of the year!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mud Room

My mud room at night. I may get some more shots of this later, this will do for now.
I'm going to build and bench seat under the window on the right but that may take awhile since I will be helping Rod finish his garage.